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Solar Pump Drives now available for PMSM , AC Induction and Solar Induction motors

The user / installation manuals for various REhubs

Installation and product videos

Different Modes in REhub

REhubs have different modes of operation.

  1. Auto
  2. Offgrid
  3. Always On
  4. On 1 Day

The video explains what these modes are !

How to shift between various modes

Press – Hold – Release . Easy ! Changing modes in REhub 12/24V- 40A , 36V- 30A and REhub MPPT Eco models

Installing REhub MPPT Eco

View this video for a DIY installation of your REhub MPPT Eco or to guide your electrician .

Installing REhub MPPT 12/24V 40A

The extra terminal for connecting the Inverter’s Battery -Ve to REhub is not found in other Solar chargers. Do watch this video as a guide for installing REhub MPPT and getting the full benefit of Battery net current monitoring

REhub MPPT Screens

The LCD display screen in REhub provides a ton of information about your installation – to monitor instantaneous output, current status and to help debug any issues .

90V Open Circuit support

REhub MPPT chargers from Amberroot supports 90V open circuit voltage for 12/24V battery systems. This has many benefits for the user. This video describes the benefits of 90V open circuit support.

REvive MPPT Boost

Space for adding Solar Panels on a E-Rickshaw is limited. The available is just sufficient to add a 72 Cell Panel. The Maximum Power Voltage ( Vmpp) available from the Panels is lesser than the Battery Voltage of the E-Vehicles. ( Typically 48V / 60V or 72V). REvive MPPT Boost makes it possible to charge the higher Voltage battery ( Compared to Panel Vmpp) from a Lower Voltage Panel. In a typical installation of about 350Wp , we have seen generation of around 750Whr/day. This results in 20 – 30 KMs extended range for the E-Rickshaw owner.

REvive MPPT Boost Screens

REvive MPPT Boost charges Batteries at higher Voltage from Solar Panels at a Lower Voltage. These are used in Solar E-Rickshaws to charge 48V batteries from ’24V Panels’. This video describes the different screens of REvive MPPT Boost.


Scan to open Whatsapp chat window in your mobile phone

We’re here to help. If you are facing a problem with your unit, please do the following :

  • Send us a short video of the unit’s screen ( one scroll of the screen , about 15 secs- Make sure the text on the screen is clearly visible.)

    • through email ( info@amberroot.com) or

    • SCAN the QR code on the left to open a chat session in your Whatsapp application or

    • add the phone number #7899396778 in Whatsapp and open a chat window.

  • Please help us resolve issue faster by describing the problem you are facing

  • If the unit’s issue can be resolved remotely, we will guide you with the steps to resolve the issue

  • In the event that the unit requires service at our factory to resolve the issue (our support person will help decide this), please courier the unit to the address below:


    Amberroot Systems Private Limited

    251/252 , 3rd Main,

    3rd Cross Road,

    3rd Phase, JP Nagar,

    Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

    Phone # 7899396778

  • We’ll get your product back working exactly the way it should and ship the unit back to you, typically within a week of receiving the unit at our factory.