Hundreds of families have converted to Solar using REhub

  • "I have installed REhub MPPT 40A version with my existing Inverter. Its running good and we are generating about 2.5 to 3 units a day with 500Wp solar array. I am now planning to increase my Solar usage by connecting my refrigerator and adding a couple of more Solar panels."

    Deepak N
    Gottegere, Bangalore
  • "I upgraded my existing Solar Installation which used a Sukam Solar converter to REhub MPPT. I can feel the difference in the way the batteries run cool and the additional energy generated every day. I am extremely pleased with REhub MPPT"

    Ravinder Sharma.
  • "I upgraded the solar PV in my house by adding another 250 Wp PV Panel(to the existing 750Wp) and changed the existing PWM charge controller to REhub MPPT, Now my apartment is powered by solar from dawn to dusk (fridge included) and generates in excess of 4 units per day."

    Adyar, Chennai
  • "My solar journey got better with Amberroot. I upgraded my PWM charge controller with Amberroot's Rehub MPPT charge controller. The results are fanstastic! I am able to harvest at least 20% more energy from the same PV modules. Wonderful product & amazing team @ Amberroot! Would definitely recommend Amberroot for going Solar."

    Kailash. K
  • "We got the Sinicon 1.5 KVA UPS and Rehub MPPT Charger with 2 panels both rendering around 600 watts, 7 months before, and REhub has generated 495 kWhr, we are really amazed at the performance of both the units because we hardly get 3-4 hours of power supply but there was not a single day we have faced lack of power. Thanks to Amberroot and Sinicon. Kudos"

    K.P Chandershekar
  • "I am happy to report that our 2nd refrigerator is also now on solar. The first was an inverter type and the 2nd has a conventional compressor.Further, with the summer heat starting in Noida, power has become erratic during day time. Our dependence on mains supply is, however, much reduced as the essentials like lights, fans, TV, PC, and refrigerators run happily on solar for nearly 10 hours every day! I wish Amberroot & Ecogain would receive more encouragement & success in their venture to harness solar energy."

    Virendra Chawla

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