Amberroot Product Families

High Efficiency MPPT Chargers

Our MPPT chargers deliver a wide input MPPT range ideal to simplify wiring of the Solar panels and reducing system costs, work under harsh ambient temperatures and have been designed to last.

Available in different (12V, 24V and 48V) output battery system Voltages...

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REhub MPPT : Adding Solar to existing Inverters

REhub MPPT enables the addition of Solar PV To existing power back up solutions

With REhub MPPT add Solar PV to existing back up solutions without the expense of replacing the UPS/Inverter and Batteries to get a Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) equivalent experience.

REhub MPPT controls the charging of the batteries from from two sources - the grid (charging by the existing UPS) and the installed Solar PV...

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REhub PWM : Upgrade to Solar

Amberroot's newest Renewable energy hub provides a cost effective way to add Solar PV to extend back up in homes.

REhub PWM includes a display that makes its easy to know the power generated, the availability of Grid power and to control the usage of Grid power thereby maximizing the usage of Solar energy. 

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