Hundreds of families have converted to Solar using REhub

  • "I have installed REhub MPPT 40A version with my existing Inverter. Its running good and we are generating about 2.5 to 3 units a day with 500Wp solar array. I am now planning to increase my Solar usage by connecting my refrigerator and adding a couple of more Solar panels."

    Deepak N
    Gottegere, Bangalore
  • "I upgraded my existing Solar Installation which used a Sukam Solar converter to REhub MPPT. I can feel the difference in the way the batteries run cool and the additional energy generated every day. I am extremely pleased with REhub MPPT"

    Ravinder Sharma.
  • "I upgraded the solar PV in my house by adding another 250 Wp PV Panel(to the existing 750Wp) and changed the existing PWM charge controller to REhub MPPT, Now my apartment is powered by solar from dawn to dusk (fridge included) and generates in excess of 4 units per day."

    Adyar, Chennai


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As we interact with a variety of different solar system installers, we have got this question repeatedly does MPPT make sense in Indian conditions. The implied question is MPPT controllers cost more than the PWM counterparts is it worth the while to add this cost to the installation...

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Installing REhub MPPT 

Its easy to add Solar to existing Inverters using REhub MPPT. REhub MPPT controls the Inverter by controlling the mains input to the Inverter. Further, REhub MPPT controls the net Current delivered to the batteries - making the Solar addition absolutely safe for your batteries. See how it is installed in this video ...

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REhub PWM : Upgrade to Solar

Amberroot's Renewable energy hub (REhub PWM) provides a cost effective way to add Solar PV to extend back up in homes.

REhub PWM includes a display that makes its easy to know the power generated, the availability of Grid power and to control the usage of Grid power  thereby maximizing the usage of Solar energy.


REhub MPPT : Adding Solar to existing Inverters

REhub MPPT enables the addition of Solar PV To existing power back up solutions

With REhub MPPT add Solar PV to existing back up solutions without the expense of replacing the UPS/Inverter and Batteries to get a Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) equivalent experience.

REhub MPPT Eco

REhub MPPT Eco: MPPT REhub for small Solar installations

REhub MPPT Eco is a 25A, 12V/24V Solar MPPT charger to add Solar to existing Inverters.

REhub MPPT Eco allows you to install 72 Cell or 60 Cell PV panels even for 12V systems, thereby reducing the amount you spend on a per Wp basis for Solar Panels.


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  REhub PWM : Upgrade to Solar
  REhub MPPT : Adding Solar to existing Inverters
  REhub MPPT Eco: MPPT REhub for small Solar installations

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