REhub MPPT enables the addition of Solar PV To existing power back up solutions

With REhub MPPT add Solar PV to existing back up solutions without the expense of replacing the UPS/Inverter and Batteries to get a Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) equivalent experience.
REhub MPPT controls the charging of the batteries from from two sources - the grid (charging by the existing UPS) and the installed Solar PV.
With long power cuts, existing inverters are inadequate to provide the day long back up desired by consumers. Adding Solar PV is the logical way to extend the back up hours - but must be done the right way. Add too little PV Watts-the Solar addition does not really serve the purpose of long back up. Larger PV systems with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation- cheap chargers used today) chargers end up wasting extractable energy. Existing chargers could damage batteries and cause their premature failure.
REhub MPPT provides the right combination for adding Solar PV. REhub MPPT intelligently controls the charging process in a way that keeps the batteries safe and therefore extends their life. They allow the maximal use of Solar power.
The unit is based on an high efficiency MPPT charge controller that maximizes the extraction of energy from the PV panel. MPPT control and the innovative design of the charger allow for a very high input to output Voltage ratio that reduces the system cost compared to that of a cheaper PWM controller.

REhub MPPT keeps batteries safe

When the energy from the Solar panels are servicing the loads or when both the sources of energy (Solar and Grid through the Inverter) are charging the batteries, the charge current to the batteries can be higher than what is safe for the batteries. REhub MPPT controls the charging of the batteries to prevent premature failure of the batteries.

REhub MPPT Maximizes Solar PV Without Excessively Cycling The Batteries 

REHub MPPT provides a hub like interface for the connected PV panels, the existing Inverter, the utility grid and the batteries. 

REHub MPPT controls the flow of power from the available sources to the connected loads through the inverter. REHub MPPT exercises this control to maximize the usage of Solar energy while making sure the back up needs are not compromised.

Its easy to maximize Solar Power utilization by drawing power from the batteries even when the grid is available. The issue is that the batteries are 'cycled' and the life of the batteries are compromised. Further, back up may not be available when its really needed. 

REhub MPPT minimizes the cycling of the batteries and gives priority to keeping the batteries charged to make sure back up is available when needed. 

REhub MPPT Solar Charging is High efficiency MPPT Based

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. Extracting power from the panels using MPPT can deliver up to 30% more energy compared to PWM chargers. Using MPPT also allows for the use of economical larger PV panels which are produced in volumes for MW plants on rooftops. REhub's power electronics design also does power conversion at better than 95% efficiency.

REhub MPPT Lowers System Costs
REhub MPPT's innovative Power electronics design allows for a very high Input to Output ratio of Voltages without loss of efficiency. This translates into the ability of the systems integrator to wire the PV panels in an all series arrangement- reducing system costs. 

There are savings in
- Wiring costs Input Voltage can be much higher than the battery system Voltage and therefore the size of the wire can be smaller = Lower costs in wiring. 

- PV Panel costs On a per Watt-Peak (Wp) basis larger PV panels (More cells- more commonly used in MW installations) cost lesser than Smaller PV Panels ( Lesser cells).

Previously with the use of PWM or other MPPT chargers because the input Voltage cannot be very different from the battery system Voltage, systems integrators were forced to use smaller panels (more number of them)to get to the required system installed Wp. 

- Lesser BoS - BoS Balance of systems like lesser connectors, lesser civil works, lesser structures because of smaller Panels, simpler wiring result in Lower costs. 

To know more about how REhub MPPT lowers systems costs write to us. 

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