Now everyone can add Solar PV for their back up requirements!

Now join hundreds of satisfied customers who have added Solar PV  to their existing  Inverters. With REhub MPPT Solar charge controller, you can add as much Solar PV to existing Inverters as needed to meet Load requirements without being constrained by Installed Battery Ah! The Loads get required Power first and REhub ensures that the batteries are charged at an optimal charge. 
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Installing REhub MPPT

Its easy to add Solar to existing Inverters using REhub MPPT. REhub MPPT controls the Inverter by controlling the mains input to the Inverter. Further, REhub MPPT controls the net Current delivered to the batteries - making the Solar addition absolutely safe for your batteries. See how it is installed in this video ...

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Does MPPT make sense in Indian conditions for Battery charging? 

As we interact with a variety of different solar system installers, we have got this question repeatedly  does MPPT make sense in Indian conditions. The implied question is  MPPT controllers cost more than the PWM counterparts  is it worth the while to add this cost to the installation...


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