Innovative Power Electronics

At Amberroot we develop innovative Power Electronics products. With ~15% peak power shortage, back up power in India needs to be supplemented with a distributed energy source. Solar photovoltaic (PV) is such an energy source and is viable in a variety of different applications.

Power Electronics form the heart of converting the generated power from the distributed energy sources like Solar, Wind, Micro hydro turbines etc to usable power.  Innovative solutions from Amberroot make distributed generation viable. 

Our team is comprised of engineering, design and quality professionals dedicated to creating solutions with a good understanding of local needs

Amberroot Story : Making Solar on rooftops viable

Amberroot was founded in 2009. It was a time when the cost of Solar PV was Rs 200 Per Watt Peak ! We were looking to bring Solar PV to every roof top. 

If you were in Bangalore in the 90's and early 2000s - getting  hot water in the mornings with geysers was difficult because of power cuts. Even before incentives came into play, Bangalore was adopting Solar water heaters en masse because the Solar water heaters were serving a basic need.

Power cuts were much lesser in 2009 in Bangalore when Amberroot was founded - but had become worse outside the main cities.  At the prices prevalent then, Solar was not affordable on most rooftops. What we learned in our interactions with different people facing these power cuts (and the Solar water heater experience) was that having 'No power' is far more 'expensive' compared to a having Solar PV with access to back up power.

However even at those prices there were markets that had could afford Solar PV- places where the cost of unit of electricity was already more than that of Solar PV. Use of diesel to power Telecommunication Towers was one such market and our first product -Distributed chargers addressed the need to install Solar in constrained spaces available near Telecommunication towers.

Solar PV prices are much less now (~ Rs 50 Per Watt Peak for the Solar Panels) and we are now in the midst of a growing Solar PV adoption. Our innovations in the Power electronics space - that form the heart of a Solar installation, make it possible to add Solar PV systems in variety of different applications including homes, small offices, Telecom towers, ATMs, Banks etc. 


2009 - First Customer - Custom projects
2010 - Distributed Charger Developed.
2011 - Our first installation in a Telecom Tower.
2012 - Delivered MPPT control for irrigation pumps. Deployed in Bihar.
2013 - Amberroot's chargers for Traffic lights deployed in Hyderabad
2014 - Amberroot's REhub PWM with display makes it easy to add Solar PV for existing backup
2015 - Amberroot's hybrid chargers power disaster warning systems
2015 - New version of REhub MPPT with display and enhanced power output launched.

The Team

Sudhakar Ganganna is our Chief Systems architect. Many of our innovative power electronics topologies are his creations that make it possible to achieve the impossible at competitive costs. Sudhakar from a very early age was a rare breed of engineer with a passion to build stuff. His innumerable designs are in products like the wireless adapters for iPods, Headsets, chargers etc. Sudhakar epitomizes Amberroot's pursuit of excellence. He is a graduate from the CEDT department of the Indian Institute of Science and has continued to keep in touch with the college by helping in the embedded systems course at CEDT.  

Karthik Srinivasan is the face of Amberroot and the first contact most customers have had of the company. Karthik transitions between different roles- pitching the company to potential investors, discussing strategy, making a sale, supporting a customer, creating a Google Ad or a poster for our show participation, designing a box for the product or help defining a product experience or even installing our products at trial sites. Karthik has a never-say-die persistence that has helped Amberroot through the deepest troughs. Karthik is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.

Our Band of Informal Advisers and Well Wishers !

Baskar Subramanian was the CTO of Impulsesoft - where the founders of Amberroot worked before starting Amberroot. Baskar is a dreamer and encourages us to dream big. He is founder at one of India's hottest startups today - Amagi Media Labs.  

K Srikrishna was the CEO at Impulsesoft and now the executive director at NEN. As an experienced entrepreneur himself, 'Sri' has given us practical advice that has helped shape the company.

K A Srinivasan (Kas) was a founder at Impulsesoft. Known for his verbal duels, his questions have always helped us think deep & we have used him as our sounding board many a time. KAS is also the founder at Amagi media labs and his insights from handling India sales have helped us handle many an account ourselves.