REhub PWM : Upgrade to Solar

REhub PWM is ideal for small Solar upgrade in homes

REhub PWM enables the addition of Solar PV to existing inverter back up solutions. REhub PWM connects to the Solar Panels, the existing batteries and the Inverter. REhub PWM charges the batteries and intelligently controls the use of the grid power for charging. The objective is to extend the back up hours to tide over long power cuts and bringing down your electricity bills.

When power cuts happen, usage is restricted to the bare minimum fan or a light so that the battery back up lasts the Power cut. Watching the favorite soap in the afternoon is out of question.

A rightly sized Solar installation can alleviate this restriction to a large extent by providing the additional back up hours and allowing the user to minimize the interruption that the power cuts bring.

REhub PWM prioritizes keeping the batteries charged. Users can decide to override the operation of REhub to utilize the power from the Grid to supply the loads while REhub continues to charge the batteries.

Another issue with power cuts is the increase in electricity bills. Charging using REhub will result in lesser energy from the grid being used and help decreasing the electricity bills

Prioritizing Solar : Auto and Manual modes

REhub PWM automatically determines when to switch over completely to using Solar energy and when to use the grid power. REhub PWM monitors the state of charge of the battery and the availability of Solar energy to make the decision to prioritize Solar energy.

When REhub PWM is put into 'Manual' mode the user effectively forces REhub PWM to keep the Mains connected to the Inverter. This mode is useful in case heavy loads which can trip the Inverter needs to be run.

View how much energy is being generated

REhub PWM has a display that allows the user to know the instantaneous Solar Power generated, the cumulative Solar energy extracted, the state of charge of the battery (Battery Voltage). The various system states including the availability of Grid power, Solar Power and if Solar energy is being used to power the loads is available.

Auto detects 12/24V battery systems

REhub can be connected to 12 V or 24 V battery system. REhub Auto detects the system battery voltage and starts charging the batteries if Solar energy is available. You can upgrade your Inverter capacity to 24V system without having to change the charger.

Fully protected electronically against common faults<

REhub is actively protected from Battery reverse polarity, PV reverse polarity and PV short.


Technical Specifications


Operating principle

PWM Based Solar Charger to enable addition of Solar PV to existing home Inverters. Auto detects 12/24 V battery system voltage

System Specifications

Battery System Voltage



Maximum Solar module STC Wp



Output Current Continuous , Max



PV Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)



Input Current PV (Max)



Full load output voltage 

Same as battery voltage

Battery charge states

Bulk and Absorb- Two stage charging

Full load output voltage

Same as battery voltage

Bulk Mode Charge Voltage

14.4 V ( Factory Configurable)
28.8V (Factory Configurable)


16 X 2 LCD


Ambient temperature range

-10C to 60C


1 pair of PV input separate positive and negative,1 pair of charger output to be connected to battery,1 each of 230V AC input (3 Pin Plug) and Output ( Socket)


143X95X74, IP20


~ 1 Kgs


Battery Reverse polarity

Electronically protected

Over voltage protection

Electronically protected

Over current protection

Output current limited as per rated current

Over temperature protection

System shutdown, recovers with a timeout

PV Short Circuit

Electronically protected

Makes it easy to upgrade to Solar

REhub PWM makes it extremely simple to add Solar PV to a home back up. The Inverter's AC input plug is connected to REhub PWM (A socket is provided for this input) and REhub PWM has a cable with 3 pin plug for the Mains input. Once the Solar panel and Battery connections are made, the unit is ready for operation.

REhub PWM Wiring diagram

Make sure that the PV panels are in an all parallel arrangement and you have matched the Panel voltage to the battery system voltage before the connection is made. Double check with a multimeter the Voc of the array before connecting the wires. The unit starts up as soon as the battery connections are made.

Installing REhub PWM

Installing REhub PWM is simple. Note how its different from other PWM charger installations though. 

Panels / array configuration for your installation

Use only 36 Cell for 12V systems with REhub PWM chargers, 36 Cell or 72 cell with 24V systems with REhub PWM. Do not use 60 cell panels with REhub PWM - you will end up getting far lesser power from the panel than otherwise extract able. For more details please read the following blog. Link : Configure PWM

Key Steps in the Installation

  1. Important : This charger requires you to match Panel Voltage to battery Voltage
    • For optimal use of Solar panels, use 36 Cell PV panel with 12V Battery system and 72 Cell PV panels with 24V battery system. (or you can use two 36 Cell PV panels in Series arrangement with 24V battery system.)
    • In case you desire to have more Wattage installed, connect the Panels in a Parallel arrangement.
    • While 400Wp is the recommended maximum PV panels for 12V battery system and 800Wp with 24V battery system, it is possible to add more PV panels - say 600 Wp with 12V system and 1kW with 24V system. REhub PWM's output current limit will ensure that the system is not affected even if more current output is available & extend the energy extraction through the day
  2. Sequence of wiring does not matter. However, make sure not to short the Battery terminals and it is best to finally complete the Battery connection on the Battery end when all other connections are complete.
  3. Once all the battery connections are completed - unit switches on. If the connections are correct - the unit goes to Auto system Voltage detect mode and starts up.

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