REhub MPPT Eco - Solar upgrade made viable

Add Solar to your existing Inverter with REhub MPPT Eco in these easy steps

[Step 1] Is your Inverter ready for the Solar upgrade ?

REhub controls the Mains input of the Inverter to utilize Solar when available

Loads are powered using Solar and Batteries during the day time. The mains input to the Inverter is switched off - therefore, it is preferable that the Inverter is a pure Sine wave inverter (Appliances like Fans produce a hum with square wave input - and with REhub the Inverter is 'Inverting' DC to AC through the day) .

REhub MPPT Eco is for 12V and 24V battery systems. It auto detects the battery system voltage and converts the extracted Solar power at the maximum power point voltage to the battery voltage.

[Step 2] Size and add Solar Panels

REhub MPPT Eco allows you to work with 12V/24V PV panels even in an all series arrangement reducing system costs

[1] REhub MPPT Eco has a continuous rated output of 25A. Like the other charge controllers in the REhub family (Namely REhub PWM and REhub MPPT ), REhub MPPT Eco safely limits the output to the rated current even if a larger PV array is connected to the unit. Because the peak output from Solar panels are available only on certain days, using a larger panel results in higher energy generated everyday.

[2] REhub MPPT supports array Voc of 90V. This has potential to reduce the system costs. PV panels are available in 36 Cell (called 12V panels) , 60 Cell (typ Solar PV panels used in MW plants) and 72 Cell (called 24V panels). Typically, the cost per watt of a 36 Cell panel is more compared to a 60 cell panel or a 72 cell panel. With PWM chargers, it is imperative to match the panel voltage with the battery system Voltage and therefore you are constrained to use 36 Cell panel with 12V battery system and 72 Cell panel with 24V battery system. With REhub MPPT Eco however, you can use 36 cell / 60 cell or 72 cell panel even with 12V system.

[3] With REhub MPPT Eco you can lower the wiring costs because you are operating at higher voltage at the input. You can even wire the panels in an all series arrangement and eliminate the need for array junction boxes in your installation.

[Step 3] Install the Solar PV and complete the connections

REhub MPPT Eco comes with a AC socket and a meter long cable with 3 pin plug for the Inverter's Main's connection unlike some other ' Retrofit' units or 'Converters'. . Wiring is simple , easy and safe. Just make sure that array Voc is less than 90V. REhub MPPT Eco is protected against PV and Battery reverse polarities.

REhub MPPT Eco: MPPT REhub for small Solar installations

Technical Specifications


Operating principle

High efficiency MPPT Based Solar Charger to enable addition of Solar PV to existing home inverters. Maximizes the usage of Solar

System Specifications

Battery System Voltage



Recommended Solar module STC Wp



Output Current Continuous , Max



PV Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)



PV MPPT Voltage range

17-65 V

30-75 V

Input Current PV (Max) 

20 A

Power Conversion Efficiency (typical)

95% typ

95% typ

Full load output voltage 

Same as battery voltage

Float Mode Charge Voltage

13.5 V ( Factory Configurable)

27V (Factory Configurable)

Bulk Mode Charge Voltage

14.4 V ( Factory Configurable)
28.8V (Factory Configurable)

Ambient temperature range

-10C to 60C


1PV -Ve input,1PV +Ve input,1Battery -Ve Input,1Battery +Ve,1 15A and 6A 3 Pin Socket,1 6A 1 Meter long wire with 3 Pin Plug,1 Mode Switch,1 Modbus port


200X120X95, IP20


~ 2 Kgs


Battery Reverse polarity

Electronically protected

PV Reverse and Short circuit

Electronically protected

Over current protection

System shutdown, recovers with a timeout

Over temperature protection

System shutdown, recovers with a timeout

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REhub MPPT : Adding Solar to existing Inverters

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